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New buttons for Mplayer Delogo filter if partial

Started by signy13, October 04, 2020, 05:39:20 AM

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How difficult would be to add new buttons into Mplayer Delogo dialogue, if the filter is partial?
I use Mplayer Delogo filters quite often and it is like this:
  • I find a start time and an end time for multiple filters and copy it into Calc (Libre Office).
  • Calc generates me python script which I run in Avidemux so it creates multiple partial Mplayer Delogo filters.
  • I open one of generated filters, go to settings, find beginning of the filter and set X, Y, Width Height.
  • And over and over again.
It would be very helpful, if there were new buttons in the Mplayer Delogo dialogue:
  • skip to time where the partial filter begins
  • skip to time where the partial filter ends
  • skip to previous image (there is already button for skipping to the next image)
so I would not have to spend time searching the part of the movie where the filter begins.
I tried to study Avidemux source code, but it is too complicated for me to create these buttons by myself. Maybe for someone who is familiar with Avidemux source code it would be not that difficult.


This is outright impossible with the current design as

1. a filter cannot know that it has been made partial


2. seeking within video filters is not accurate.

If the position and size of the area to blur changes each time, I would recommend to export at each occasion a picture as a JPEG image, then determine the position and size using these images instead of the original video.


Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately the visual setting of delogo X, Y, Width, Height is more convenient than doing it outside (for example in a bitmap editor) and manually changing values inside python script so I will stick with searching the filter inside Mplayer Delogo dialogue.


My idea was to load (to append) the extracted JPEG images in Avidemux, create delogo configuration for each of them without the need to seek for the right frame and then use this configuration for the real thing.


Thank you for your clarification. I never tried to open an image in Avidemux and it works.
I tried it and it is working, but unfortunately it is a lot of steps - export image, open them in another instance of Avidemux, set up filter and then copy the filter settings (four values) into the first Avidemux...
It actually takes more time then manual searching for the time where the partial filter begins.
For one filter it is not that bad, but when there is 6 or more filters in a movie (40 in a movie is probably my record) it is really annoying...


Quote from: signy13 on October 19, 2020, 06:58:22 AMunfortunately it is a lot of steps - export image, open them in another instance of Avidemux, set up filter and then copy the filter settings (four values) into the first Avidemux...

I didn't have that in mind, especially as running multiple instances of Avidemux is definitely not recommended.

First of all, identify start and end time for each instance of partialized delogo filter, don't care about delogo configuration yet, then export the results as a project script, close video.

Now load the sequence of images. Add for each image a delogo filter instance with a suitable configuration, export the results as another project script, close "video" / the set of images.

Open both scripts in different windows or tabs of a text editor (e.g. kwrite, gedit etc. on Linux) and do the copy and paste work (self-explanatory, I think), then run the edited script with partialized delogo entries from Avidemux.