Can I set original video clip modified/Created data to output file?

Started by guanguan, November 01, 2020, 05:53:32 PM

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I like to trim my videos with Avidemux before import them to video editor software. I noticed that, Avidmux will use current datetime as the output file created/modified time, when I sort all video clips in the video editor, the clips order will mess up.

Is their a way I can do this with Avidemux, I didn't find the related setting in the application :-\ 




Avidemux doesn't set any metadata except for rotation hint in MP4 and display width in MKV and also in MP4. I suspect you just see the filesystem metadata created by filesystem driver.


One could copy the source file(s) time stamps to the output file, e.g. with `utimes(2)`


SetFileTime for VC++ then? I don't think it is our business to care about filesystem metadata, contrary to container metadata. Being able to offer more muxer-specific options would be great indeed.