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Cannot use mp3 as audio track

Started by Cormy1, November 03, 2020, 01:32:35 AM

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I have an mp3 file I cannot use as an audio track, others seem to work fine.


Traktor metadata at the head of the file confuses Avidemux (it misinterprets parts of it as MP3 frame headers with contradicting info about sampling rate etc, resulting in rejection of the file). If you remove the first 143184 bytes of the sample, Avidemux gladly accepts it.

Will try to look into it.


Should be fixed for this sample now: [coreAudio/identify] Require 3 consecutive valid MPEG audio frame headers for better protection against false positives, tolerate more failures before giving up in order to deal better with large ID3 tags.

However, with the maximum audio probe size of 1 MiB in Avidemux and ID3v2 tags occupying up to 256 MiB, it is always easily possible to make detection fail.

I haven't checked whether Traktor tags are technically a part of ID3v2 metadata, at least this doesn't matter for Avidemux.