New feature suggestion: Enable jumping to keyframes during playback.

Started by noisywan, April 17, 2021, 12:45:41 PM

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Hi All,
Avidemux disables (Go To Previous / Next Keyframe) feature during playback.
It would be very helpful if it allowed UP/DOWN keys during playback too.
With current GUI, user needs to hit space and stop playback each time to use keyframe navigation.


Quote from: noisywan on April 17, 2021, 12:45:41 PMWith current GUI, user needs to hit space and stop playback each time to use keyframe navigation.

With hands at the keyboard, how can hitting the space key pose a problem? Stopping playback is mandatory, but one can just drag the navigation slider. Of course, this will stop playback first and seek second.


I think adding this feature is an improvement because it will make the seeking and extracting process easier and faster.

For instance; MPC-HC has this feature. You can jump to keyframes during playback. You can hear the audio and see the 1-2 secs of video without hitting start/stop. Currently I prefer MPC for seeking scenes in a footage because it's faster and requires less key strokes.

I would prefer to do it with Avidemux only, therefore I'm suggesting it.
It takes more time, requires more key strokes to browse thru a long footage/movie with current Avidemux.


Skipping ahead while playing through footage (ex: an interview) is a useful feature in video players, ex: youtube has 5s skip ahead with arrow key.

The keyframes frequency depends on the encoding parameters of the video: every frame could be a keyframe, or there could be a keyframe every 2 seconds or keyframes only on scene changes/or after 10 seconds.
Something like an approximate 5s keyframe seek would be more appropriate for Avidemux. While paused it's possible to do this with a TinyPy script, but it is more useful if it can be bound to a hotkey and used while playing.

youtube/mpc-hc also have preview thumbnail with the mouse hovering over the timeline which can be useful to go through footage quickly (the closest thing in Avidemux is the navigation slider), it's different though because this is without audio.

Finally Avidemux could benefit from a bookmarks feature to allow quick navigation of saved timestamps (currently the only way to do this is to create segments and use my script. There are no preview thumbnails however).



You are basically wanting a fast forward option which Avidemux doesn't currently have at all.

I have wanted this a few times as well. Sometimes you can't tell if you are in the right space until after you hit play. The ability to quickly jump forward or back without stopping first repositioning and then restarting is helpful sometimes.




Hello. I love Avidemux. It's greatest and most intuitive tool to video demuxing. But I have few little suggestions for future versions:
1. Please add support for chapters add/delete and preserve existing chapters while demuxing.
2. It's not so important for me, as first point, but it could be nice to have ability to select more formats as audio tracks (for example: select audio track from video file)


I have noticed that this feature is implemented in 2.8.1. (yay!)

I think AVIDemux is one of the most versatile and robust editor on the scene. It helps a lot in cropping large files, saves tons of time and disk space.
Thank you for developing it.