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Avidemux 2.7.2 not opening my whole video

Started by nak0, June 23, 2021, 02:24:59 PM

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So I Have this problem when I open the video that I want to edit (it's a 4k video that is 02:15 hours long) it loads it at 01:50 hours so it cuts out a good 25-30 mins of it and I don't know why is that. All I want in the first place is to convert it's audio format to AAC and it does the job, but with a good 25 mins or so cut out.
Does anyone know why this is happeninng?


Is "Avidemux 2.7.2" (an unsupported legacy version) a typo? If not, please try the latest nightly build for your platform (I hope the platform is 64-bit as no current 32-bit nightlies are provided).


So I installed the latest build from the link given, it seems to have the same problem.
I tried again with my old build (2.7.2) and I saw that when it is opening the matroshka clusters that it stoped responding for some time (at 77%).

The newest build that I could find (2.7.9 VC) froze at 44% and after it opened the video it was again cut at the same frame/time like always.  :-X  :'(  :-X


Probably the file is corrupted.
You can check for errors with ffmpeg,
on Linux:
ffmpeg -v error -i file.avi -f null - 2>error.log
on Windows:
ffmpeg.exe -v error -i file.avi -f null - >error.log 2>&1


While I fully agree that it is likely simply a case of a corrupted file, I do have a couple of questions.

1. Do video players successfully play this file to the end?

2. If they do: please start Avidemux, load the problematic file, close Avidemux, then compress and attach admlog.txt from %localappdata%\avidemux\ to your reply or share it via Google Drive, WeTransfer, Mega or Dropbox.

If other software can handle the file just fine and only Avidemux fails, you will need to provide the file as a sample, given the content is innocuous enough for that, in order to allow the issue to be fixed.

If other software (especially VLC) fails as well, the file is damaged for sure and we can use our energy and time for other tasks.