Drag & drop attempts to work even while encoding in progress, and it shouldn't

Started by Who, January 09, 2022, 05:31:13 PM

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2.8.0 has learned an undesirable new trick...

In previous versions if an encoding was in progress and you accidentally dropped another file onto the Avidemux icon in the dock, it would just ignore it and carry on, which is what it should do.  But today I accidentally dropped a file onto the Avidemux icon (I THINK, there is an off chance it could have been the Avidemux window but I was aiming for the next icon over in the dock so I think it was probably the dock icon) while an encoding was in progress and Avidemux 2.8.0 tried to import the file even though there was an encoding going on.  Then, because the file I dropped was not in a compatible format, it basically threw up an error window and quit.  So the encoding that had been in progress for nearly an hour was spoiled and I had to start completely over from scratch.

I can not conceive of any possible circumstance where it would be reasonable to drop a file when an encoding is in progress, and I know that in previous versions if I did something like that it just ignored the attempted drop.  Can we please go back to that?

(MacOS version is Catalina 10.15.7).