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Avidemux 2.8.1 multicore multithread question

Started by avilon, March 13, 2023, 05:44:33 PM

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I use Avidemux with codec HEVC x265 for occasional video conversion. Sometimes conversion takes 12 hours with my Intel i5 CPU.
Does Avidemux can use contemporary 12-13-th gen Intel i7 CPU multicore multithreaded encoding?

I'm planning to upgrade my PC but I'm not sure if I should also upgrade CPU level.
From i5 to i7 or i9?
Does anyone has any CPU efficiency related experiences to share.


Unless you need the very best quality and compression rate and don't convert HDR sources, adding a decent NVIDIA RTX-30 graphics card would give you speed increase of many orders of magnitude when using "Nvidia HEVC" encoder rather than x265.