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Increase playback speed or desensitize the wheel

Started by DynV, October 12, 2022, 08:13:28 PM

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I have quite a long video to go through and the default playback speed is very inadequate and I need it to be 4-8 X faster. Another viewing method that--may--be adequate--if--tweaked would be by the "wheel", the horizontal grey bar with a red vertical bar at its center an it becoming darker the further from it (center), that should take the largest space in the attached screenshot.
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The default "wheel" sensitivity with the default interface is absolutely inadequate for this purpose, I have to move the mouse quite slightly to set it to my need and by the time I set it properly I've either skipped a part I should have stopped at or almost so (skipped). If I'm to use the "wheel", I need it to be either a--lot--wider (so that its effect is spread) or that its sensitivity is seriously decreased, 4-10 X.

Thank you kindly for your help


Fast seek (keyframe-based seek) granularity is given by keyframe density in the source video. Anything else is in most cases orders of magnitude slower.

In the future, some sort of sped-up playback might be added by this pull request if it gets accepted (obviously, it cannot fullfill its promise if hardware is not fast enough to decode the video stream faster than in real time).