Feature request : Support for mlt files (ShotCut project) as input

Started by Grobe, February 09, 2023, 03:44:41 PM

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I'was doing some work using Shotcut, where I realized that the options for exporting in ShotCut doesn't have the same options that I normally use when demuxing videos using Avidemux. I'e I cannot force another program to use "ultra slow" settings or for h264 video exporting.

That is - If I need to export using Avidemux, I first have to export as losseless format - that frankly can take a toll on a ssd drive - and then use Avidemux to process it further.

I have this feeling that it's lot to ask for feature-wise, but it have being really nice if Avidemux would be able to handle some other video projects files (ShotCut .mlt files for example) as if the video stream was just uncompressed.
That way, I'd not needed to store a very large temporary file to disk first in order to get full control on the video encoding.