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avidemux cutting has some cons and...

Started by akin, May 18, 2023, 01:43:30 PM

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Dear developer

Avidemux video editing is impractical, making it would be great if these things happen;
1- as the video size increases, it takes a long time to import videos. 15 gb. 2 min

2-- important; it is difficult to manually enter the continuous time code (hours, minutes,seconds, milliseconds)
for each clip in the videos one by one. it is much better to copy the time codes in videos and paste them into the avidemux time window. like that Attachment;

3 - there is no batch cutting the selected segments in a video, or there is no batch merging and saving the selected segments. it is difficult to cut and save the segments in each video one by one.  It would be better if add segment button is added;    +add segment

4 - it would be better if there was an editing mode button in avidemux; when you click on the editing mode, two options will appear, cut mode, keep mode.if cut mode is selected in avidemux, the cut sections are exported. if keep mode is selected, the cut sections are combined and exported as a single clip.

thanks in advance