The one most frustrating problem with Avidemux, is there a workaround?

Started by Philo, August 20, 2023, 03:17:26 AM

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Some time back I introduced another family member to Avidemux; he has a new M2 Mac and the thing is screaming fast compared to my older Intel-based Mac.  But he often asks my assistance in setting up a file because he doesn't know how to use all the filters in Avidemux yet - I don't either, but I know most or all of the ones that are needed for what he is trying to do.  So he will send me his raw video and explain what he wants, I will make all the edits and add all the filters, etc. and then I will send him the project script and let him run it on his system, which works because we have set up similar directory structures.  I will also send him any images or masks he might need.

The frustrating part for both he and I is that there is no way we can find to drag the project script into Avidemux and have it respond as if you did Project Script | Run Project from the dropdown menus, and then find and pick the correct script.  All the scripts tend to start with the first few letters since they are based on the original video filename, so picking them out from a list of many similar files can be a daunting task.  I know I could rename them when creating them, but to what?  These are (for the most part) one time use files; the only time they ever get reused is if a problem is discovered in the encoded video, and renaming them would requite me to try and think up a name for each project script that is unique, so I just tend to go with the default.

Anyway what could be a simple drag and drop turns into an exercise in frustration for him, and then if he makes any changes and sends the revised project script back to me to look at, I have the same problem - I have to go through the very cumbersome Project Script | Run Project dialog and then pick the file using the file picker.  As far as I can tell, project scripts all end with the .py extension so isn't there some way Avidemux could recognize that and simply load the project script when it is dragged into Avidemux?  We both agree that not being able to do this is the most frustrating and time-wasting thing about Avidemux, and that's probably true for anyone who makes frequent use of project scripts.

If that's not possible for some technical reason, I wonder if it would be possible to make an Apple Automator app that would simply serve as a launcher for Avidemux, but would allow dragging the project script onto the Automator app and then the Automator app could launch Avidemux (the GUI version) and have it load the project script.  But this would only work if you can launch Avidemux with the project script as an option.  I do not really know Automator that well but I do know it can run a shell script or launch an application, and I ASSUME it can receive a filename dragged onto it, so it seems like this might be doable IF it is possible to launch Avidemux with an option that will read in the project script - is that possible?

As an aside, I was really surprised when he told me that Avidemux works, and apparently works quite well, on his Apple silicon.  I assume it runs under Rosetta but still it seems to encode 3 to 4 times faster than my old Intel Mac.  He only encodes to mp4 format but it works quite well for that.


I don't like the click path either (especially on macOS, it is much less cumbersome on platforms with betterâ„¢ keyboard navigation where I mostly don't need to touch the mouse), but scripting is so powerful (i.e. dangerous) in Avidemux and so fundamentally different from the handling of video files we try to load that it justifies a different path.

Not yet sure whether some sort of a "helicopter pad" might be implemented to allow drag'n'drop with a different semantics specially for scripts. The topic is on my radar.