"Save Audio" contents differ from extracted stream

Started by Cormy1, March 25, 2024, 12:08:56 AM

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I have a video file. I import into Avidemux and save audio.
When I import the video into Audacity and the saved audio file, the contents are different.
Why is that? Is Avidemux not suited for this type of stream?


Also when I tried to use that saved audio file as a track in another video, it made a horrible sound in avidemux playback so I guess it doesn't like the file it produced.


We cannot export AAC types other than AAC LC, the export format doesn't allow that, please see Avidemux log, you will find a message "Audio object type AAC PS not representable in ADTS, faking AAC LC.". Avidemux should probably explicitly reject an attempt to save such an audio track.