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Rotation Video

Started by Drakon66, April 01, 2024, 06:46:21 PM

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Hello There is problem. When save rotated by 180 degree video plays in media player correct but when open avimeduz and start editing again it still is rotated by 180.. This is problem beacuse when i append other video it is rotated 180 degreee to this roated by 180. How fix it.


Quote from: Drakon66 on April 01, 2024, 06:46:21 PM..and start editing again it still is rotated..
1. Append all necessary files.
2. In the first button under "Video Output" choose Mpeg4 AVC
3. In the button "Filters" choose "Rotate", Angle:180 degrees
4. Save video.


1. First re-encode the video which needs rotation metadata to be displayed correctly with "rotate" and other necessary filters applied, using preferably a lossless codec (if you have plenty of storage space) or x264 with "Mezzanine" preset, then...

2. ...append all videos in appropriate order, then...

3. the whole using codec and encoder you need.