Show audio decibels bars alongside the timeline

Started by Altair, May 17, 2024, 05:14:44 PM

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First thanks for Avidemux.  Avidemux is an excellent video editor for handling lengthy screen recordings, such as gameplay, for example. Often, we record the screen for extended periods. Afterward, we might want to locate a brief segment containing relevant content within a very long recording. It's not uncommon for significant moments to coincide with loud noises and loud chatter. For this reason, I would appreciate a simplified, dim-colored bar graph of accumulated decibels alongside the timeline. This feature would be a useful addition to Avidemux, making it easier to identify key moments in long recordings based on audio levels. I would suggest to start to try the implementation this way:  First, calculate the sum of the decibel values of the samples from the current audio track within each group of frames or something. Then, normalize this data relative to the highest value found. Finally, display these normalized-sized bars alongside the timeline in dim colors.
If I knew how to program computers, I would try to do this. Unfortunately, I do not. I started a new topic because the old one was a necro and there was an alert suggesting to do so. Thank you very much for your attention.