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zoom setting

Started by soramame, June 30, 2024, 01:04:11 AM

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I have a question about Avidemux 2.8.1.

When editing a video, I set the View > zoom to 1:2 (50%) for my work. However, after finishing and restarting the program to load a different video file, the zoom level reverts to the default 67%.

Additionally, even when I start the program on my sub-monitor, loading a video file always moves the program to the main monitor.

These issues did not occur in version 2.7. Is there a setting I can change to fix this, or is this a specification of version 2.8?


Regarding zoom: works as designed. Zoom always defaults to 100% or the highest value which allows to fit video into available space, whichever is lower.

Behavior with a multi-monitor setup: cannot test due a single monitor available, help welcome.