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SVN 2.6.0 builds for MacOSX

Started by surfer, July 10, 2010, 06:47:54 PM

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I tried to run the build "2.6.0 (6538) Intel    28 Aug 2010    avidemux3" from the link in the first post and, as is says next to it, it surely doesn't run on Mountain Lion.
Crash report I got (it crashes right after launching, the only thing seen of it is a little icon bouncing in the dock) is in an attachment.


My subtiltes filter has gone since I installed 2.6.1 in ML. I tried old versions, no one actually opens. I'm wondering if this script could solve the problem. Problem is, I have no idea on how to run it. Can anyone help me? Or know another solutions to have subtitles filter back?

Thanks a lot!