Author Topic: Assert failed :3==sscanf(...) at line 140, file /.../ADM_tsReadIndex.cpp  (Read 80 times)


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avidemux_2.6.18_r170313_win32.exe (r723b9080f91) ((ffmpeg 3.0.7))

I've got 1 .ts file (2.55 GB),
Indexing goes well up to 98%,
then reading the created index file crashes:
[ADM_tsAccess] 22:48:12-676 Creating audio track, pid=84, muxing =0
[TsDemuxerer] Reading index
Saving crash file to Z:\...\
Crash Dump for Assert failed :3==sscanf(cur,"%" PRIx32":%" PRId64":%" PRId64,&len,&ppts,&ddts) at line 140, file /home/fx/hudson/workspace/mingw32QT5Mxe/avidemux_plugins/ADM_demuxers/MpegTS/ADM_tsReadIndex.cpp

ADM_setCrashHook  [libADM_core6.dll]
ADM_backTrack  [libADM_core6.dll]

Paint event
[abortExitHandler] 22:50:43-184 Abnormal exit handler, trying to clean up

See CDafv-170319.ts.idx2.7z (400 KB).

1) Is it indexing or reading code that is actually wrong?
2) If need be, I could upload (part of) the .ts file, but I would need to know which one is interested.

 *First time I ever get this crash.
 *"Regression": ADM 2.6.8 works fine with this .ts file.
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A stupidly long gop is processed at the end
Workaround : delete the very last long line just before [End]
Without the ts file i can't check why