Author Topic: Is there a way to resample a video's frame-rate so it exactly matches another?  (Read 402 times)


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Hi guys,

Been running into this problem as I append two videos together a lot.

I have a two second intro clip I use for youtube which I append other videos to in avidemux.
The two second clip is exactly 30 frames per second. 

When I try to re-sample another video's frame rate in avidemux so it matches 30 frames per second so I can append it to the two second intro clip, I can rarely get it to be exactly 30 frames per second.

Often it will come out as 30.112 frames per second or some decimal figure like that. 

Consequently, when I append it to the the 2 second clip, the audio in the second video will sound high-pitched.

Even when I use avs proxy to make a 30 frame per second video out of an audio file & still picture, I can never get it to be exactly 30 frames per second so I can append it.
I have tried to resample the frame rate of the two second clip to 30.112 or whatever the second video is so it matches the second video but it always comes out as another figure for example 30.212. 

What am I doing wrong or is there a work around?

I also notice looking at the properties of of a video in windows that it will often give me a different frame rate then the one I see for the same video in avidemux.

Which frame rate is the better reading?


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I think that slightly differing framerate is rather an artifact of the MP4 demuxer in Avidemux (if frame increment is slightly irregular, Avidemux takes the lower value as the base for the FPS calculation, resulting in higher FPS). What happens if you save resampled video to a MKV?


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Just resampled a 25 FPS mp4 into a 30 FPS MKV and it is exactly 30 FPS so that might be it.