Author Topic: crash wirh 2.6.18  (Read 437 times)


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crash wirh 2.6.18
« on: March 13, 2017, 04:05:46 PM »
It seem I have a problem with Avidemux ver 2.6.18. My setup is: Asus motherboard Gene, CPU i7intel 3.40GHz, RAM 64 Gig, Window Fam. 64, version 1607 (14393.693). When I work on a MP4 file, 2 or 3 Gig, éditing it to remove commercial and making a final file MP4 (using VBR, 3000 Kbits/s). Sometime, mouse and keyboard freeze and I can not do something. I have to stop the computer and restart it. I can not use CRTL+ALT+DEL because the keybord is freezed. My keyboard is a Logitech MK710 (wireless as the mouse). Freezing seem happen when I do something else at the same time. I will make more investigation about this problem but if someone has the same problem, please, let me know. Thank You

Jan Gruuthuse

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Re: crash wirh 2.6.18
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2017, 04:16:51 PM »
change your workflow
- cut with [Copy] for both video and audio Output
- save the edit video (see youtube video @ YouTube Avidemux Demo: Fast Edit with Copy Mode
- re-encode saved video (if needed, re-encoding always degrades the video) when you don't use the computer

You do edit the video on the computer hard disc and not on another media (usb, memory card, ....)