Author Topic: Nexus 5x avc mp4 video upside down, not rotating  (Read 866 times)


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Nexus 5x avc mp4 video upside down, not rotating
« on: March 24, 2017, 05:32:02 PM »
I've a Nexus 5x which records 1080 & 4k in avc as mp4 files. They load & play in 2.6.18 - only they're upside down. This is because the sensor is mounted upside down but files contain an orientation flag to correct this. Windows 10 reads tihs, as does mpc-hc be, but not avidemux. Could this be read to allow correct reading and writing of these video files?

Further, I've tried editing and it works fine (albeit upside down), but if I rotate or change the fps nothing changes.
There's a sample, downloadable %x mp4 at but I can also upload some new ones if needed.

I'd love to see this fixed as it's impossible to find a lossless mp4 editor which works with these upside-down files properly!


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Re: Nexus 5x avc mp4 video upside down, not rotating
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2017, 10:18:10 AM »

Got the exact same problem. Using avidemux 2.6.19.

Got newest android software on Nexus 5X.

Videos looks fine on the phone itself.

Videos automatically backed up to google photos looks fine too.

My MPC-HC ( ) player had the upside/down problem, but upgrading to newest version 1.7.11 fixed it.

Video's recorded on the older Nexus 5 does not have this problem.

Perhaps google changed something in the rotation meta data or something.

I have several samples I can share if that's any help.

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