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Adding spatial meta data to videos
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Hi there,
I'm a big fan of AviDemux and use it frequently for cutting videos. My latest interest is on 180 and 360 degree videos. I have a Gear 360 and play the videos with VLC player. It's working fine. There are also 360 degree videos on YouTube. However, if I download them and play them with VLC they are displayed as a normal video with now means to look around. It turned out that videos need special meta data that tell VLC the orientation. It seems to be not VLC-specific, but a general standard. There is an implementation for a command line tool on Linux
But I'm using Windows and thought it might be not too hard for you guys to put this into AviDemux. My current workaround is that I'm importing the video in Samsung (CyberLink) ActionDirector and exporting them afterwards but it always does a complete re-encoding of the video and audio. I'd really like to be able to do it in AviDemux with the copy mode of video and audio and only change the container and meta data.
What do you think?