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Can't minimize avidemux while encoding
« on: August 28, 2017, 06:51:54 AM »
Inside the plus side, everyone appreciated the Thermo Pod's exaggerated mummy shape due to its balance of elbow room and heating efficiency. A big flare inside the shoulders allows you to certainly certainly extend your arms or easily placed on a thick fleece jacket, while a quick taper while using the lower torso and legs minimizes dead space. We found that the bag are outfitted for virtually any great bit of condensation and perspiration before developing cold spots (

One detail worth noting: The extra-extended cords attached to the inside and outside of doorways of doorways zipper pulls created for convenient escapes when overloaded bladders started screaming for every evening run.

Primary point here: Below-average loft as well as heat diminish the Thermo Pod's excellent sizing and breathability.

A thick, nicely detailed bag acquiring a appropriate, flannel-like lining and lots of functional functional functional functional functional usable interior space, the Bugaboo demonstrated up in this region, within the start, like the ideal bag for people ugly, snowy, tentbound days when you wish an in-depth, dark, cozy hole to crawl into and hibernate. However a few things got in the way. One was the bag's bulk it consumed another or greater within the midsize pack. Additional problems could be the bag completely missed the aim inside the warmth and roominess groups for the metabolically challenged half within the crew.

Clearly this Polarguard 3D bag was the fattest and heaviest inside the test, Kristin i (the two cold sleepers) automobile up shivering on 35 [levels] F nights. (Paul and Melissa snoozed happily once the dropped lower for your low 20s.) One problem was the super abundance of room inside. There's the actual fact chilly air streamed while using the huge, floppy hood minimizing past the draft collar, which we could not cinch snugly because the sheer quantity of fabric caused it to bunch and gap.

Fortunately, the bag's covering proven good water repellency and dried rapidly when laid on the planet. The rugged materials and overall construction quality promise a extended existence. Other nice touches will be the puffy draft tube and collar, a zipper pocket inside the chest, coupled with most snag-free zipper inside the test.

Note: The model name inside the large version that Paul i tested could be the BugaBoo XL M36.

Primary point here: If you're a big-body or possibly really warm sleeper, the Bugaboo may be the bag to satisfy your requirements. It'll suck up pack space, there's however enough room inside for every party inside the forest.

Weight: Boldface number could be the weight of ordinary-size bag within the stuff sack considered on Backpacker scales. The second number was provided while using producer.

Compressibility: Will the stuffed bag occupy more/less space computer should? Would you like a magician (or gorilla) to stuff it  provided?
Check it on:

Loft: Precisely how will the bag puff up after unstuffing it or putting it while using the washer? Precisely how does it loft when wet?

Roominess: Maybe there's roll-around and elbow room, or does over sleeping this mummy make you feel like one?

Temperature Rating: Could be the rating positive (cold bags get yourself a low score), reasonable (okay, average score), or conservative (warm bags get yourself a high score)?

Weatherproofing: Precisely how will the bag's outer covering safeguard you from wind, wet ground, and condensation? Any cold spots within the hood, zipper, or draft tubes?

Ventilation: How would you awesome off on warm nights? Will the insulation breathe well? Will the bag's lining effectively wick away perspiration?

Durability: Precisely how could be the bag develop, and the way well does it endure heavy use and washing? What's your estimate within the bag's probable lifespan?

Ergonomics: Was the bag user-friendly? Did the zipper run easily? Were zipper pulls and drawcords no problem finding in the middle of the night? Did the drawcords cinch the hood and draft collar snugly, or did they strangle you?

Overall: How near or far could be the bag from your ideal three-and-a-half-season sleeper? Note: This score is not typically other ratings, however a gut-level reaction to the bag's total performance.

Right here are a handful of observations gleaned from tester notebooks that can help to produce good decision:

Draft collars: Test crew found reasonable to consider hard about traditional tube-style collars: the appearance inside the yoke-style collar, having a truly free-hanging flap that falls over shoulders like a bib. For individuals who turn and toss, a yoke won't stay in place, nevertheless the still sleepers loved the ergonomic fit and insufficient a drawcord.

Microfleece linings: Several bags feature fleecy synthetic linings made to improve wicking then-to-skin comfort. In below-freezing conditions, the linings been effective marvelously, swaddling us in warm, dry fuzziness. In milder weather, though, they collected more sweat than standard taffeta linings. In addition they were given stinky faster, which leads to more frequent launderings, and degeneration. Any peeve for several testers: The brushed surfaces gain recognition fleecy extended johns and rough skin, For more:

Lower versus. synthetic: You understand the score: Lower packs more warmth due to its weight and bulk, but synthetics handle moist climates better. Why did two lower bags top our ratings, despite lots of testing after a while the wet Northwest? Since they are well-designed bags, clearly, but in addition because the testers, similar to backpackers, choose to acquire a lighter, smaller  sized bag and risk somewhat discomfort.
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Re: Can't minimize avidemux while encoding
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??? There is "Minimize to tray" button on the encoding dialog.