Author Topic: PCM + FadeToBlack window probs. fixed : THANKS very MUCH !  (Read 461 times)


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PCM + FadeToBlack window probs. fixed : THANKS very MUCH !
« on: September 06, 2017, 11:38:21 PM »

Thanks a whole lot to mean + Jan Gruuthuse + eumagga0x2a, who reacted — in a snap! — to my requests.

Hoping not to ask too much: can we expect the — 32-bit — 2.7.0 or .x upcoming version(s) to be fixed also?..

... as I (badly) need those too: I run them on both Windows 10 and XP anytime / anywhere

(at friends' or abroad, from my bathtub or at the dentist, while massaging me girlfriend, cooking, biking or working & more) — and intend to go on Avidemux editing throughout my 2nd or 3rd next life as well.

I don't know how important it will be to other or most users, but problems have just been fixed, that several people & friends + I found quite annoying:

——  "FadeToBlack in/out" window filter time symbols h: m: s: ms: are now perfectly clear, thus making the filter VERY EASY to use (it did work but was too confusing);

——  and "but~NOT~least"! "PCM .wav" audio ".avi" contained videos now play flawlessly, using any popular player: "VLC, PotPlayer, etc."

(one or two rare exotic players only were compatible; I don't even remember which ones; bug that forced me to recode the audio stream only, using Avidemux 2.5.6).

Why? Well, intermediate totally lossless (on video & audio streams) ".avi's", whatever huge fileweight they may reach, are essential — to me at least (I must be from the old school...).

For now: nightly bd


THANKS again, Team!

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