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Denoise Filter settings and a few minor bugs?
« on: September 10, 2017, 11:10:12 AM »
I've recently returned to using Avidemux after many years absence and it is pleasing to see a stable 2.7.x branch. My initial observations have been positive. I would like a bit of advice from more experienced users please regarding my observations using Avidemux in WinXP and Win7 where I tested 2.7.0 version.  I'm reasonably well versed with Avisynth scripts, their usage, chain format and options. Here we go!

Fluxsmooth at default 7/7  is I assume the settings for FluxsmoothST which only works on progressive sources.

Quote from its readme 'Interlacing: Progressive or interlaced (FluxSmoothT), or progressive only (FluxSmoothST)'

 The other option for the temporal only FluxsmoothT is the one which does both interlaced and progressive, so if I decrease the spatial settings  to O or can it go to minus -1?(if so one should be using the other version anyway!) does the script then switch to FluxsmoothT, therefore the script which Avidemux uses a port of can be used on both an interlaced or progressive source?

Similarly the other two ports of HQDN3D especially the HQ denoise settings I see are very high indeed( if I'm reading correctly?), if they are set at default. A more conservative 2:1:3:3 would be far more less to destroy a video or cause ghosting then the present spatial setting etc which to me appear quite high for moderate denoising. Also according to Hqdn3d it too is only used on progressive sources, but is the avidemux port version able to be used on interlaced too?

Also I noticed a few bugs in 2.7.0 build. Before any encode the systems XP/Win 7 appear to 'hang/freeze' for over a minute or so before the encoding starts be it a 1 pass or 2 pass. Checking using Control Alt Delete shows the warning 'this program is not responding!' message. Wait awhile and it starts encoding. This freezing is in any video or audio operation.

 Another bug? I found was when you just output the audio say to mp3 the resultant file has no file extension and is thus unreadable. This necessitates you to enter the films system in Windows and adding the .mp3 so the file can be read. Is this a bug in AviDemux or a permission issue in Windows?

For future feature requests as deinterlacing is a minefield for most users would an auto interlacing pattern detection feature for a DVD source(the one in AutoMKV is the best I've seen, alongside leaving telecine and decomb options in Handbrake set to auto which effectively manages combing effects or risks of duplicate frames) which is hybrid or pure interlaced be implemented rather than leaving it to the user to choose the appropriate script and make a mess of it to ivtc it correctly?

Thanks for your thoughts here.
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