Author Topic: Features: Import Button (More Videos In Timeline) & Keyframe Fix (Working Cuts)  (Read 354 times)


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It's about time the best open source video editer Avidemux got a feature that is already in the best open source audio editor Audacity.

To be able to add an original master file to the timeline with open like normal but then to be able to use an import button to add some other videos to the timeline too.

On a side note please treak the frames system too as currently you cut it where you want and it gives you a couple of frames before and after your chosen points giving a dodgey cut sometimes I love Avidemux and use it for cutting singular videos so hopefully with the ability of adding more videos to the timeline with an import button it will evolve into a premium quality open source like Audacity on the audio side as it's already primo quality on the single video approach albeit with frame problems sometimes due to not being able to save it on your cut unless you go to the keyframe.

If you cut it out where you start it should become your keyframe so it's frustrating sometimes that it saves incomplete unless you hit it on a existing keyframe when that peice of black before your cut should become your keyframe after you cut to there so it saves as a video anyway without having to go back more where you don't want to for a keyframe.
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