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Last dirs not working for open and save dialogs.

Started by Blc, February 14, 2013, 12:54:24 PM

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Hello. I have a problem with Avidemux 2.6.1 - 64 bit version (and 2.6.0 too) on windows. I have not tested 32bit versions, neither linux versions.

When opening or saving file, the dialog always opens in avidemux install folder, not the last folder used for open / save file. It is very annoying.

I can see that in the file %AppData%\avidemux\config2 there are settings "lastdir_read" and "lastdir_write" and they are set rather ok. Only their values are actually not pathts to last dirs, but to last files. That is perphaps ok, since dirs can be easily extracted from them.

Can anyone look into source code a check what is wrong?

One more thing: values of lastdir_* are saved just when avidemux properly finishes. This is not a big issue, but if something goes wrong let's say in long reenencoding and avidemux crashes or is killed, real last dirs are not saved.