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"Audio Output" number of tracks (not) updating

Started by mm0359, August 22, 2016, 09:28:33 pm

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v2.6.13 on Windows Vista and "v2.6.13 + usp10.dll" on WinXP.
(Issue already exists since at least v2.6.8...)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Load a .ts file, which has multiple audio tracks.
2. Run .js project.
adm = Avidemux()

2-Result. "Audio Output" unchanged = "(N track(s))".
3. Open "Audio > Select Track".
4. "Cancel" this dialog.
4-Result. "Audio Output" updated to "(1 track(s))".

Issue 1: Update should happen at step 2.
Possible solutions: UI notices this change too, or Project Run updates this UI too.

Issue 2: Update should not happen at step 4.
"Cancel" shouldn't trigger any UI update, should it?
(Only "OK" should (if any change).)


Updating all kind of stuff on running a script should be easy, but this is really a very, very minor issue IMHO. Maybe in the next release cycle.

To 2: why not? (NACK)


QuoteTo 2: why not? (NACK)

"Cancel" means "revert/forget": it's expected not to accept/trigger any change (ever)...


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"Cancel" doesn't accept or trigger any changes, but it must propagate the current state to the GUI.

edit: s/"it"/"exiting the dialog"/


Quote"Cancel" [...] must propagate the current state to the GUI.

If "Cancel" (actually) allows no changes, then "current state"(!?) should be as valid as it was before opening the dialog, hence no need to propagate anything.
It should simply be(have) as if the dialog was never opened.