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Convert 704x480 to 720x480 without jerkiness

Started by oldmoviebuff, October 20, 2018, 09:31:20 pm

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October 20, 2018, 09:31:20 pm Last Edit: October 20, 2018, 10:26:22 pm by oldmoviebuff
Hello everyone! I am new to Avidvemux 2.7.1 64bit. I'm using Windows 10.

I use a DVR to record old movies on local OTA channels. The files it creates end in mts. Then I edit out commercials with Avidemux, author a disc with DVDStyler Portable and burn it to DVD with ImgBurn.

The channels that broadcast in 720x480 turn out beautiful. The movie fills the screen from top to bottom vertically. But the channels that broadcast 704x480 do not fill the screen vertically.

After much experimentation to remedy this I created the following method to convert 704x480 to 720x480 however I noticed that there seems to be some jerkiness when people or things move around. I am hoping someone here can suggest a way to avoid the jerkiness. It would also be nice if all encoding could happen in Avidemux. Right now DVDStyler Portable takes the 532x480 mpg file and makes it 720x480. If some knowledgeable person in this forum would take pity on a newb and help me out that would be wonderful. As an aside Avidemux is a fantastic program without which I would have had no hope of editing the mts files my DVR creates!

Select Auto then DVD from menubar
Click Filters button from Video Output
Remove all filters in Active Filters list
In Available Filters double click Crop
Advance video to bright scene
Click Auto Crop
New size will be 532X480
Click OK
In Output Format click Configure and select Allow Non Compliant Stream (to accommodate 532X480 crop)
Click save
Video will be saved as MPG file

In DVDStyler Portable delete all menus and titles then add video to create a disc that will automatically start when DVD player drawer closes.
Right click Title 1. In properties under Post commands click dropdown and select jump next title.


704x480 is a valid NTSC resolution (both for 4:3 and 19:6 aspect ratios), do not change it. Re-encoding in mpeg2 will massively reduce the quality. If the picture doesn't fit, it is a fault of the player.

I don't know DVDStyler (DVDs died for me a decade ago).


October 21, 2018, 11:19:51 am #2 Last Edit: October 21, 2018, 11:29:12 am by oldmoviebuff
My apologies, I forgot to say that I only notice the jerkiness while watching the DVD on my television.

Also I should have said that 720x480 fills my television screen from top to bottom beautifully. 704x480 does not fill the screen vertically.

I am certain that there is nothing wrong with my set-top DVD player.

Thank you for your help!


Every not completely ancient TV set is capable of playing video from a SD card or USB flash drive. Why creating video DVD? Just for menus?

QuoteI am certain that there is nothing wrong with my set-top DVD player.

It may be a very old entry-level device. As said above, I can't test as I don't posess a TV set or a standalone DVD player, but most video DVD players can cope with all resolutions valid for SD mpeg2 transmissions.