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Red rectangle on 'blacken borders' filter

Started by TimW, August 19, 2019, 09:53:09 AM

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Hi all.  Is there a setting to remove the draggable red rectangle on the 'blacken borders' filter?  Until a few weeks ago I was using 2.7.1 which does not have the red rectangle.  Although the red box makes it quicker to get the filter into approximately the right place, it makes it much harder to get a perfect result.  For example, the channel logo on a broadcast widescreen movie often falls within just one or two pixels of the edge of the widescreen block above the picture.  The blacken borders filter seems to blacken everything ABOVE the red line (i.e. the green area), but does not blacken the red line itself.  By the time the filter is in approximately the correct place, the red line obscures the most important area, namely the interface between the picture and the black widescreen block above.  The previous version, where you could cleanly see the very edge of the green area was better.  Although the edge of the green area is still plainly visible, you still need to see what's underneath the red line to get the green block in exactly the right place.


I wish the IT department where I work were as fast and efficient.  Top job, many thanks.