Avidemux 2.7.x (x64) G.U.I does NOT Support Right to Left Languages (Hebrew)

Started by P--L, October 16, 2019, 04:55:58 pm

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I still use version 2.6.8 (x64), because it's the last version that Does support Right to Left Windows system Languages like Hebrew.

The problem is the inability of the newer versions to show marked video cuts (A point to B point) correctly.
There is no match between the actual cut points and the visualization of them on the timeline ruler.

Please fix.

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I can't access the photo or screenshot from my current location (WeTransfer would work), but I see now that RTL support is broken in Avidemux at least on macOS. I agree that this is worth fixing.

Meanwhile, as you seem to understand English, why don't you set the language to English in the Avidemux preferences instead of missing out on all the improvements and bugfixes since 2.6.8?


The navigation slider should be fixed now for Hebrew and other right-to-left languages. Please test a future nightly.

There is still a ton of other broken stuff all over the place.