Sugestion: Keep filters and filters setting(video, audio) on next video.

Started by Fox_25, May 07, 2022, 08:46:35 PM

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i cutting many videos with same video filter(sharpness) and audio normalization, but if i close saved video(CTRL+W), filters with setting is gone. This is ok if i make up to 5 videos, but if making on 10 or more, is frustrating(and lose time) turning on same filters and set same setting again and again.

Is any way to add function ,,keep filters and his setting", or turn on filters as default?


you can create a python script (check for ideas) then copy/move it into the custom folder
the most simple solution is, copy lasEdit py into custom folder, rename it, then delete the following lines:

if not adm.loadVideo("..."):
    raise("Cannot load ...")
adm.addSegment(0, 1, 2)
adm.markerA = 0
adm.markerB = 2

Then you can use it by clicking on it in the Custom menu.


Many thanks, you saved me a lot of time! I tried earlier make custom script, but it didn't work, this is really easy peasy.

Once again, Thanks!