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Title: ADM 2.7.1 logo flt. EASY fade-i/o opt.: thank you!
Post by: hiro on June 08, 2018, 12:46:00 AM
Edit June 6 2018 - On request, simple / quick '.py' demo. added: _Test-title_fade-i-o.7z attachment.

Tested OK on Win. 10 64-bit + XP 32-bit.



"* Filter:Implement fade-in / fade-out transition for 'Add logo'":

very easy + works fine.
No more outside ADM title clip creation + join hassle sure IS a RELIEF!

Thx also for new handy "Still-image-to-vid." flt.


Steps -- for newbies (if any)

I happen to be a heavy user of such a ("pro touch"  :) ) option. So, to anybody wanting to title their vids. with a simple fade-in/out effect, now in a snap:

1. Check video width × height ("I" button); example: 640 × 360 pixels...

2. Prepare some 72 dpi 8-bit RGB-color ".png" image of same (or smaller) size ;

say... by typing a name or short text line (IMAGE text in that case) on transparent background; save it to "T.png" -- using e.g. "Photoshop", "The Gimp" (freeware), "Fotografix 1.5" (ultralight freeware) or else.

3. Back to Avidemux -- 2.7.1 --, select a video codec, click "Filters", double click "Add logo." & click "Select" button, to browse + select the "T.png" file...

4. ... and set "Fade-in/out" field to some duration, e.g. 2 seconds > OK. Lastly, right click the added filter (on right column) > "Make partial", and set Start time to e.g. 0 h 0 m 3 s 000 & End time to 0 h 0 m 9 s 000 > OK.

Done. Now, encode the titled video.