How can I take part of a vid and show at full speed and then in slow motion?

Started by Cheapybob, February 25, 2012, 06:13:21 PM

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I have taken a video and cut it down to where it only has the scenes I want.  Now I would like to change it to where I show each scene at full speed, followed by the part of the same scene in slow motion, and do that for all the scenes.

Currently what I've done is to change the frame rate to 2 FPS to get it slow enough to see what is happening, but it would be a lot better to see a whole scene at full speed, and then see the most critical part of it slowed down to a very slow speed, maybe even 1 FPS.

I'd also like to add scenes from 2 other vids I have, and again show at full speed and then part of each scene in slow motion.

Any suggestions how I can accomplish this?

Thanks for any help.  Just being able to get it slowed to see it in slow motion at all has helped, so thanks for creating a program that gave me that ability without even needing to ask how...

Jan Gruuthuse

you could move with left and right arrow keyboard key @ 1 frame/key press. With some video codecs it is not possible to use cut that are not Keyframes. At marker A or B. Reason not all frames contain all video information to build the picture and rely on keyframe before to rebuild a picture (very short explanation).
Go to previous intra frame (keyframe): QT Navigation bar <- click GTK navigation bar <- click


You have to use resample FPS filter and re-encode the slower parts, so that their FPS will match the FPS of the normal videos.

One option is to handle that via AVIsynth scripting
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