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Hi.  I've just downloaded 2.6 (the 64 bit 'portable' version) but I have a problem - there seems to be no way to include the end of a video in any edit.  Nothing happens when I click the "go to end" button (although "go to start" is fine).  Nor can I play on after the final chapter mark as, once I press 'stop' the marker jumps back to that last mark.

Is this a known problem and is there a fix?

Grateful thanks for any advice.

Jan Gruuthuse:
Play / Stop action and 2.6 <- click
stop playing, pushing button >|  to jump to end of clip <- click
use navigation bar slider and drag to far right to include end of clip
If clip is to be used to join another clip, use keyboard keys ⬆⬇ to select key frame at end of clip you wish to save!

Hello and thank you for that.  Actually, the up/down arrows will not take you past the last keyframe but the RIGHT arrow will.

It would be preferable if the 'go to end' button worked though...

Thanks again.


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