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Burning SRT subtitle into MP4

Started by bob2553, March 05, 2012, 06:08:34 pm

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Hello everybody,

I'm new in this forum and using Avidemux for quite some time when merging AVI together
I was looking for a tool to burn SRT subtitles into a MP4 (H264/ACC) and discovered recently that Avidemux can do that as well

I have made a test and I'm more or less happy about the result
Avidemux is doing the job with good performance but it doesn't take into account SRT tags like <i></i> for italic font or {\pos(192,220)} for placing the subtitle away from a credit to avoid overlapping and improve readability

Is there a way to improve compatibility with STR tags or a paramater/configuration to take that into account?

Thank you in advance

J. M.

You should be using SSA/ASS subtitles when you want formatting (you can convert the SRT file to SSA with one of the free subtitle editors listed in the article), and open them using the "ASS" filter in Avidemux.

Besides, the best option is always not hard-coding subtitles into the video unless you really have to (e.g. unless you have a hardware player that does not support subtitles).