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I'm sure....

Started by secretsock, March 06, 2012, 05:52:02 pm

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everyone who's been here a while is totally fed up with clueless noobs like myself coming here and begging for help but...

Can anyone help me please?!

(Please bear in mind the "clueless" bit, and my apologies for probably not explaining this in very techie terms)

I have my old family Super 8 cine movies from way back that were put onto VHS years ago.  Recently they were all put onto DVD.  I have managed - with the help of Avidemux - to edit out some of the less thrilling bits and then pasted it all back together.  So far, so good.

What I now want to do is transfer these back onto a DVD.  I have a DVD burner, a DVD burning program ("ConvertXtoDVD 3") but when I go into that software and try to get it to look for the files to convert and burn, it doesn't see anything.  The little icons identifying the files I want to convert and burn are those "unidentifiable" icons and when I click "Properties" it just says it's a "file". 

I have no idea:

a) what kind of format Avidemux is saving my edited clips as; and
b) how I go about changing that format so that it can be read by my convert/burn software.

In Avidemux I've looked under "File" to see if there's a "Save As" option but can't seem to find anything that looks vaguely like what I need.  Evidently I am missing the obvious thing because everyone says what a powerful program Avidemux is!

Anyone care to help?  In advance, many thanks.

PS I don't care about the sound.... the guy who put the Super 8s onto VHS added background sounds but the originals were silent in any case.


You'll want to tell us your avidemux version.  It might have these options -

DVDs were designed to be interlaced, and so were TVs.
It's hard for me to suggest progressive which is the default.
But then again, I've moved on past the limits of mpeg2/dvd.

Once you've made your choice and hit ok and whatnot,
the little disk icon in the upper left corner is the Save.
The Save As... concept is really in that Format option.


Hi nibbles... thanks for taking the time and trouble to answer.

I get the red arrow numbers (thank you for these!) but when I select those options, then hit the disk icon it beeps and I get an error message saying "For DVD, audio must be 48kHz MP2, AC3 or LPCM".  Then I hit "OK" and it tells me it didn't save it.

Any clues what I can do?

Thanks  :)

Jan Gruuthuse

Load an original clip, the one used from dvd, in avidemux. Use the . Take note of the Audio. And use this info to change Audio: Copy to match this.


LPCM is uncompressed wav.  If you want to use that, for maximum audio quality, it's an options but uses tons of space.
AC3 is very common in DVDs and is your second best choice.  Use a high bitrate, I think 384 is the max I forget.
MP2 audio is a lower quality compression scheme than AC3.  Your last choice.

You'll need to add a step 5, where you change Audio from "Copy" to one of those choices (and maybe a 6 where you configure it).


Hi.  Thanks Jan/nibbles for the replies.

Jan... when I put in all the audio info that I've collected from the original clip, do all the steps nibbles suggested, and hit the disc icon, the whole thing just disappears and Avidemux crashes.

I've tried every combination of all the choices in the Video drop down box, the Audio drop down box and the Format drop down box.... and am still not able to save the file in a format that is recognised and picked up by ConvertXtoDVD 3.  It either won't save at all (beeps and says "file not saved"), crashes, or saves as a file that can't be recognised.

Any more help would be appreciated!  Thanks.

Jan Gruuthuse

From main menu in Audio: Main Track: Audio Source: Video change this to none. Can you save video without soundtrack in avidemux? Or is this still causing problems? Include filename extension .vob when saving.


QuoteI've tried every combination of all the choices in the Video drop down box, the Audio drop down box and the Format drop down box.... and am still not able to save the file in a format that is recognised and picked up by ConvertXtoDVD 3.

Did you set the audio sampling rate to 48000 Hz using MP2 or AC-3? And yes, file extension *.vob has to be added to file name.

Jan Gruuthuse

Once you have .vob output from avidemux, that is playable in VLC. <-click You could try this to author a new dvd. DVD Flick. (Completely free without any adware, spyware or limitations) <-click Problem may arise with ConvertXtoDVD 3 not able to read these files.


Hi - and thanks - to everyone who's replied.  After struggling to sort it, I've given up with Avidemux... I downloaded "ImTOO Editor" and it a) was idiot proof and b) did what I wanted!

So thanks for the suggestions  :)