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Wont save video

Started by tonedeaf, March 21, 2012, 07:44:27 PM

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Hi, I am new to this program. I havent changed any settings, just used it as it comes.
The problem I am having is, when I cut a section of an .flv file and save it, it only saves the sound and not the video.


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I assume both audio and video is saved but only audio can be decoded.

You probably have to re-encode your file and/or select the right container depending on your kind of FLV source file. Please provide more info on your source file (video and audio encoding, e.g. VP6, mp3). Use the "i" button in the GUI of Avidemux or use MediaInfo to determine this.


Ok I used the i an it shows, Video: Codec 4CC:  H264.               Audio: Codec: AAC
Is this what you need?
Sorry Newbie


QuoteVideo: Codec 4CC:  H264.               Audio: Codec: AAC
You have to select: Container format: MP4 (not AVI), Video codec: COPY, audio codec: COPY

And for h.264 content Avidemux 2.6 is highly recommended to avoid AV sync issues.