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subtitling and dubbing

Started by justinsl, March 23, 2012, 03:31:28 pm

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hi guys im really new here! i downloaded the programme for dubbing and subtitling purposes, and i ended up not knowing how to.

so... can i use avidemux for subtitling and dubbing? if yes, how? if not, do you guys have any suggestions as to what software i can use?

Jan Gruuthuse

It all depends on what you want, expectations, on what level ... . Starters could be here: Avidemux wiki documentation: Quickstart.


Yea, subtitling is vague.  If you are talking about converting idx/sub style subtitles to srt, then no.
If you have a video and a subtitle file and you want to mux them together assuming the subtitle file
has the correct timings, then Avidemux can do that.  If you want to hardcode the subs, avidemux can
do that too.  You can also mux together a different audio track with the video, but you can't edit audio
tracks and adjust them like you can in Premier Pro for instance.   Does that help?


hmm, let me try to clarify. so lets say i have a file i downloaded off youtube and want to make subtitles for them in another language, i do not have a subtitle file to begin with and only an .avi  file. so what im asking is whether i can create the subtitles for the video or even dub them using this software.

anw thanks for the replies :)


I believe the answer is Jubbler, but someone can correct me, or you can visit doom9.