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Is GSoC membership a possibility?

Started by nibbles, March 21, 2012, 11:44:19 pm

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Is Avidemux a project that would qualify for the Google Summer of Code?
On some other projects I work on, the number of eager developers is incredible,
but I don't know the requirements.

Jan Gruuthuse

Quote7. How does the program work?
Here are the steps:
Open source projects who'd like to participate in Google Summer of Code in 2012 should choose an organization administrator(s) to represent them.
Organization administrators will submit the project's application for participation online.
Google will notify the organization administrators of acceptance, and an account for the organization will be created on the Google Summer of Code 2012 site.

Submit program for acceptation? If accepted, ...? My guess?
more info: Google Summer of Codeâ„¢ 2012 Frequently Asked Questions if this is what you're looking for?


Biggest issue might be mentors. I think Mean, Grunster et al. are already quite busy, so finding extra time for mentoring might be too much.
I am away between 15th of May - 15th of June. (yes, I am playing D3)