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Files Are Saving But Don't Work At All ... OK, Newbie Alert

Started by billyatom, March 30, 2012, 12:37:33 am

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Yes Newbarino... OS Windows 7, Avidemux version 2.5.6  My reason to use Avidemux is to edit home video .. just trim out bad spots or put clips together, very basic. 

My input file has a file extention of .MPG when i click on the "i" it reads: video Codec 4CC: MPEG audio Codec: MP2 (none of which i understand).  OK, I edit my input video and save it, Avidemux says "File saved".  I look at the file, it has no file extension,  I open it in Avidemux and i get a Black screen only, i click the "i"  and see Video Codec 4CC  MPEG ; Audio  nothing at all.

I try and open the saved file and there is nothing, zip.  Obviously i'm saving it improperly.  I've saved by adding my own file extention: .MPEG = nothing;  .MPG as an extention and inexplicably it worked once and never again.

What must i do to save an edited file?  Thanks.

El Newbio

Jan Gruuthuse

March 30, 2012, 06:34:12 am #1 Last Edit: March 30, 2012, 06:37:45 am by Jan Gruuthuse
2.5.6 is not adding the extension, you have to do this yourself test.mpg
check that you've set marker A at beginning of clip and marker B at the end of clip you want to save.
Set Video and Audio to Copy and Format to MPEG video, see if that works for you?

If your toolbar is similar to this one, use the 1st Save a video file. the second saves the project

or use the save from the menu Save Video


QuoteSet Video and Audio to Copy and Format to MPEG video

This only saves the video track. Container format should be MPEG-PS or MKV.

Jan Gruuthuse


You guys are freakin' genius'!!!  Works perfectly.  Thank You.