Enable auto-re-build VBR time map + auto-re-index when appending *.avi?

Started by pstein, April 06, 2012, 05:38:32 am

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When I drag & drop multiple *.avi files onto the main window then Avidemux prompts my currently always to
a) (re-)build VBR time map (because of the included VBR MP3s) and afterwards
b) to re-index everything

How can I tell Avidemux to do this from now on AUTOMATICALLY without prompting me?

Is there any dis-advantage in performing a re-build and re-index?

If not: Why is this re-build and re-index not automatically done by default?


Jan Gruuthuse

Checked your preferences? Under Tab automation? Not all avi are the same, it is a user choice made on the result of your used avi's.
Read the part here under input.


Edit/Tools -> Preferences, and Automation tab has options for VBR and index building.
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