Author Topic: Different behavior with mp4v2 or mkv  (Read 2688 times)


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Different behavior with mp4v2 or mkv
« on: June 13, 2012, 06:26:25 PM »
Hi, sometimes I need to remux from mp4v2 to mkv (for my standalone player). But it seems Avidemux is more error-tolerant when muxing into mp4v2, because when muxing to mkv I sometimes get the famous "Too short" crash message.
It's not a very big issue, but I would appreciate is there is a simple solution.

I also noticed then when this remuxing job works, it gives audio desynchronization (audio 4 sec too short). Same result when I did an audio downmix reencoding, with what I supposed was a "zero error" file: h.264+AC3  6channels.avi -> h.264+AAC.mp4

So I guess when remuxing or reencoding, bad video/audio frames are skipped and cause desynchronization.
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