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x264: Missing --tune or a "append these options" box.
« on: June 23, 2012, 07:41:38 AM »
Mostly I miss --tune. I can replicate _some_ of the things by putting in the values x264 --fullhelp gives me on --tune. But apart from --tune quite some other options are missing too,  --deblock and --no-dct-decimate to name just two. Depending on the source it can make a huge difference, easy to compare when using x264vfw with virtualdub instead of avidemux.
There are enough "Animation" examples where it makes a difference, no need to list examples : ).
But --grain makes a unbelievable difference on videos like "Aphex Twin - come to daddy". Without --grain the video looks totally washed out after encoding, even with ridiculous high bitrates. With --grain I can get down to my usual bitrates without seeing to much difference (or any difference at all).

So, adding --tune or a box to enter "additional command line option to be appended" would be great. AFAIK any option added at the end of x264.exe or the "command line" box of x264vfw overrides previously set options, no matter whether the same option already appeared earlier or was set by a --preset or a --tune.

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