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VCD/SVCD encoding to Mp4 help

Started by ABBrittain, August 01, 2012, 12:21:34 PM

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I have both the .Bin and .Cue files for a VCD image which contains an MPG video data file.

Can I put the .Bin file directly into Avidemux without having to split the MPG out of the BIN file or would this cause problems with the re-encoding of the MPG?

If I need to split the MPG out of the BIN file what do I need?

Jan Gruuthuse

Avidemux is not a ripping software. .bin and .cue files are usually images like .iso of the actual cd. You need some software that is capable of mounting this as a virtual cd or unpack/extract the .bin or .cue. Easiest would be if you actually burn the cd to a CD r/w. Then you would need to find a video cd / vcd ripping software for your operating system. My best guess is you google for nameofyourOS howto rip vcd. I think this as far as I can go without abusing the hospitality of this forum.