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H264 to xvid get too slow

Started by agtejeo, August 06, 2012, 08:35:08 AM

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Dear friends:

First of all, thanks for making avalaible this fantastic software to everybody. I've been using avidemux for a long time and it's amazing.

But now I got a problem I don't know how to solve:

I've been recording some clips with my new Canon camera, that is producing files with .MTS extension. Internally the files are H.264 (1920x1088) 25 fps for video codec, and AC3 stereo 48000 bps for audio. When I open it with avidemux it show me that it has detected h.264 and I clicking for not using B-frames as reference. I try to convert to mpeg-4 xvid codec (resizing to 1024x580 using multiplayer resize) and also mp3 as audio. Apparently it works fine. But when I play the resultant avi file in vlc I get the clip "too slow" as it was recorded on "slow camera".

Can anyone tell me what's happening?

Thanks in advance!



avidemux 2.6 doesn't appears as installable for ubuntu 12.04;

will try to get it for mac os 10.6 later.

Jan Gruuthuse