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working with MPEG in batch

Started by afred2, September 19, 2012, 09:40:06 PM

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I want to work with MPEGs in batch with no user interaction. However the app will not load MPEG files until they are indexed. How do you index them in batch?

I tried running from the command line, but it pops up a dialogue asking me if I want to index.
I tried the command line with nogui to suppress the dialogue, but that defaults the dialogue response to "NO".
I tried loading in a file through the GUI and saving the project so I could copy the javascript. But the script started with the command to load the index, ie after the file had been indexed.

Can anyone explain how to achieve this?


I'm not sure but you should set your preferences on the GUI menu. Edit >> Preferences >> Automation and last one to tick. (I don't know the exact english translation)
To avoid any probable stop I ticked' em all.

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 Thanks,  didn't see that setting lurking down there. Much appreciated.


Please put a [Solved] on the title thread, once you'll done. I think it's a good method for the other, while they're searching for clues.