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v2.6 Seek to end of TS H.264 failure

Started by mbluett, December 21, 2012, 01:37:15 am

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Quote from: mean on January 29, 2013, 07:50:10 pm
The VBR muxing means :
* If not set and you use a mux rate of 10 MBs, padding will be added so that the bitrate will stay at around 10 MBs
* If set, it can do much lower  as it depends only on the used bitrate, no padding

You are reminding me of long forgotten Mpeg2 capture days of hearing about muxing rates.  Do I gather that we would normally use VBR muxing to save space, but create a fixed muxing rate in cases where the overall bitrate needed to be relatively constant??  And if so, I could create a VBR mux rate file now, then if I ever needed a CBR one, I could create it from this VBR one?


Quote from: mean on January 29, 2013, 07:50:10 pm
The MP4 are sort of funny
It seems to contain only one I at the beginning, and maybe PTS/DTS are borked (not 100% sure yet)

Sort of funny?  I'm certainly finding that so, at least in this context of the Colossus.  I can capture only what my DVR puts out.  It has HD, which is 1920x1080i, dd-5.1ch or SD, 720x480i, ac-3.2-ch.  (Last week I was accepting solely analog audio, but Sunday I bought an optical cable, and the dd-5.1 audio that now comes out from the DVR is ASTOUNDING.)  Last week after I got the card and was capping MP4-only, I found through your prog. that while the HDs were giving a nice blend of I, P frames (no B), the SDs were freaking me out by having a sole I-frame at the start and all the rest were P and B frames, no matter how long the show was!  I was planning soon to call Hauppauge about it.  Figured there's some error somewhere.  Maybe they can give a registry patch or updated something.  Gotta have occasional I-frames.

But now that you've mention the subject, I did some test caps.  Shockingly, the TS and M2TS files BOMB AviDemux!  That is, a crash occurs immediately upon loading the file!  I'm sending you short caps of all 3 file types done in SD.  Hope you can look at them and make sense of them, as well as get AviDemux to accept them.  I "d'wanna" do M2TS for HD and MP4 for SD.  I WILL still be capping a lot of SD.
The MP4:
The TS:
The M2TS:


Quote from: mean on January 29, 2013, 07:50:10 pm
All non esssential headers are discarded and recreated depending on the output format
I'll see if libavformat supports TS-2 like format

But if one is doing "copy" "copy", shouldn't it clone the headers too?  When I processed Jan's file (the one he gave above), it cloned the header.  (Maybe it wasn't but seemed so.  It was a TS, whereas mine is an M2TS.)  Let me know what you find and what you do.  (I'm trying to make decisions and plans.)  Thanks.

(Note:  I made 3 separate replies each quoting your 3 subtopics.)


Some headers are kept, some Headers are recreated, might not be 100% identical
Confirmed for the crash on the TS files


Video should be better now, audio is still screwy