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Result after cutting is sped up video in different players

Started by claypool, January 14, 2013, 12:03:01 am

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I'm just trying do a simple cutting out a section of a video to save.

I selected the section of video I want cut, set my marks A/B, and saved. Vid Decoder was set to lavcodec when I opened the file. Video and audio output are both copy and output format was defaulted to AVI.

After saving the file it can play fine in VLC, although when I skip around it first pixelates and then goes back to normal. But when I play the video in any other player such as PowerDVD 12 or Windows Media Player it plays as if the video is in fast forward. I tried the output format as video only but same result.

What am I missing? Appreciate any advice.

I'm doing this with Windows 8 Pro x64 and the original format is wmv by the way.

Jan Gruuthuse

Try another container then .AVI . If for Computer use only, try VLC, this video player is more tolerant then windows mediaplayer.


Outputting in mp4 works. All players are good. The reason I use other players such as WMP over VLC for some videos is because I noticed that with almost all my mp4 videos, VLC doesn't like to me to skip around. Whenever I skip in VLC with mp4 the video distorts to a very pixelated image for 5-10 seconds before going back to normal. This doesn't happen in WMP or PDVD12.

Thanks for the tip though.