Re:- sync Audio to Video - where Audio starts in sync but then goes out of sync

Started by ABBrittain, January 18, 2013, 12:18:20 PM

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I'm being told that it is/may be possible to resync Audio to Video where the Audio start in Sync but by the end of the video is out of sync.

The suggested method of doing this is to change the FPS of the Video.

ie increasing the FPS shortend the video/ decreaing the FPS lengthend the video. The suggestion is that the Audio length will stay the same.

Can anyone tell me if this would work using Avidemux? and if it does as to how I could achive this if I only know the difference between the video and audio delay/advance etc?


Jan Gruuthuse

Check if 2.6 plays audio correct? 2.5.# could have some issues on some occasions.