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x264 option on Avidemux 2.6.1 Stable

Started by jacop89, January 26, 2013, 05:13:40 pm

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hello all.
I am a new user and I recently downloaded the program.
I wonder if in the settings of "x264" have been restored correctly all valuesââ,¬â€¹Ã¢â,¬â€¹, because in my case I can not select some settings, for example, all the values ââ,¬â€¹Ã¢â,¬â€¹of "Quantiser" and "Advanced".
is normal?
thank you very much

Jan Gruuthuse

Try not the stable version, try nightly 32-bit, 64-bit build bot is broken. Avidemux is a work in progress.


I Just Installed the BETA Version "r8459", with the changelog:

"[x264] more settings, patch by steginger"

Now finally there are more choices for settings!!  :D